In the beginning the company was convinced that solar energy will be an infinite source of energy, a crucial pillar of the energy transition. Photovoltaics play a world and of all sizes in a day of independence from fossil fuels. This basic understanding runs like a red thread through the history and accompanies us in our daily work. Founded as a project company, AB Solar Total operates as a wholesaler for photovoltaic systems at first the European market. Gradually the trading business for system solutions has been expanded and established a network of partners. In parallel, the company intensified its expertise as a general contractor and project developer for solar power plants on rooftops and open spaces in the order of several megawatts.


Building on many years of experience in the solar power services is around photovoltaic systems at   AB Solar Total  constantly expanding. In addition to various services in the planning and consultation we offer services in the field of technical management and mobile module measurements. Today you will find solar power solutions and services for photovoltaic systems of all sizes: PV solutions for private homes as well as commercial and industrial roofs, as well as self-sufficient solutions, planning and development of solar power plants in the megawatt range in open spaces and extensive services to safeguard income and asset optimization.


Not only the goal of a sustainable future is critical for us as a company, and the road is important. So we exert ourselves on a daily basis, to close cycles to conserve resources and make socially responsible decisions. We understand each other and our work as a building block of the energy transition.
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